Personally, I think that a lot of brands/agencies take their ads way too far. Of course, society these days is a little over sensitive, but thats who they are trying to win over. 

I guess the whole subject is very subjective. Some people get offended easily, and some don’t care at all. I’m somewhere in the middle, leaning towards not caring. But when I see an overly sexualized ad I think to myself “what were they thinking?”. I don’t care that I’m seeing it, but what about the children around me? What about the older generation? 

I do think that agencies/brands feel compelled to use shock to get our attention, but i think they go about it in the wrong way most of the time. They do need to be a little more sensitive. Even if the ad isn’t targeted towards the people who are offended, those people see it. Therefore they can have an opinion.

If I had an ad get banned I would not think that the publicity of the banned image would give my product or company a very good reputation. It makes you look bad, so why stir the pot in the first place?